Should students be required to attend classes


Topic:Should students be required to attend classes?

Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.








有没有这种的办法?比如:选修课(optional course)/必修课(compulsory course)的设置。






Should university students be required to attend classes? There are two different opinions. Some people claim that attending classes is a must to students. Other people, however, argue that it should be up to the students to decide whether they need to go or not. As far as I am concerned, no matter whether students like it or not, they must attend classes.(观点明确,无论你喜不喜欢,上课都是必要的)

Students who do not like to go to classes have their reasons. The main one is, they can learn knowledge by themselves. If they were asked to attend the class in which the professor teaches something they already have known, it would be a pain. By not attending class, students can control their time more freely and are likely not to waste time.(这里讲的是一帮自学党,他们自学来节约时间,此段很明显,为让步段)

Although I agree that there are maybe one or two advantages of not attending classes, I insist that the advantages of attending classes far overweigh that of not attending. In the first place, professors can teach students a lot of things that are not written in the books, such as the way of thinking. In the dictionary, a university is defined to be a place where teachers lecture what they know to students. Books normally offer just concentrated knowledge. How the authors developed their ideas and reached their conclusions is usually not written in the books. How to answer these questions? Go to the classes. The professors will not only teach you knowledge, but also teach you methodologies and answer your questions, face to face.(本段开始论述attending class的好处,可以学到很多教材外的只是,教材的内容太有限,并且不能完全答疑解惑)

In the second place, students will benefit from seminars and group discussions with their classmates when they attend classes. It is a society that emphasizes on the importance of communication and listening to other people's opinions and ideas. It is very important to share your ideas and knowledge with other people. In a class, the professor often gives some topics for students to discuss. In the discussions, a student will be surprised that he/she can get so many fresh thoughts and ideas from his/her fellow students.(小组讨论可以有更多收获,不过小编认为即使不上课也是可以进行小组活动和讨论的,该论述段稍显牵强,不过最后还是拐回professor的作用了,还是有一些道理的)

In conclusion, I believe that students should attend classes not only because professors can teach you knowledge and methods, but also because students can learn from each other in the classes. In short, one must attend classes if one chooses to attend university.(很标准的一篇小文,没有过多的高级词汇,结构清晰,看起来是不是流畅清爽了许多呢)



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